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Auction/Liquidation Calendar

Buyer Customer Service: (551)257-7923 8am-8pm(est) 7 days

There are two ways you can purchase closeout, surplus, and overstock merchandise from Cricket Hill: at our live auctions throughout the country or via negotiation in confidence (liquidation). Equipment and real estate are only sold at auction.

Merchandise sold via liquidation or at auction typically includes any type of consumer goods product such as:

Apparel & accessories, shoes, sneakers, boots, toys, games, gifts, greeting cards, sporting goods, household products and chemicals, cosmetics, perfume, books, health and beauty aids, domestics, home decor and furnishings, wallpaper & borders, lingerie, handbags, bedding, swimsuits, luggage, school & office supplies, electronics & appliances, tools, pet supplies, as seen on tv products and much more.

Equipment sold at auction is usually from a business that must close quickly, renovate, or dispose of excess equipment such as:

Pizzerias, bars/nightclubs, hotels, theatres, delis, restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors, contractors, florists, health & fitness clubs, printers, & any type of industrial, power, woodworking, fabrication, automotive, or  material handling equipment.

Our real estate auctions include any type of property and are a great way to buy real estate at fair market value without the haggling traditional methods usually entail.

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All auctions & liquidations are conducted at the location of the seller or for inventory only, at one of our warehouses throughout the country, and fall into one of four categories: restaurant/entertainment, inventory, equipment or real estate.

Listed below are current auctions & liquidations and some past examples which serve to illustrate the types of auctions & liquidations our firm conducts on a regular basis. Start by selecting one of either below.

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